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What does the future hold for the IT industry in the 3B region? – Balkan, Baltic, Black Sea

The Balkan, Baltic and Black Sea Network of ICT Clusters – 3B-ICT Network is bringing in the limelight the impact that the pandemic generated within the IT industry across Eastern Europe, as well as what the future holds for clusters active within the macro-region.

Regional Talks: Challenges and opportunities for the IT Industry from the Eastern European macro-region – Balkans, Baltic and Black Sea – , a fully online event, dedicated to key players from the ICT industry, from clusters and their member SMEs, to leading large IT companies from the macro-region, is taking place on June 22, starting at 12:00 CET.

The impact of the pandemic has varied significantly across different industries, accelerating fundamental shifts in the landscape of the IT industry. The aim of the conference is to present the current situation in the region on the topic of digitalization, innovation and emerging technologies during and post COVID-19, exchange of expertise and best practices, identify potential for cooperation between the players in the ICT industry, as well as how the IT industry can encourage more traditional sectors to the economies of the future, and enhance global collaboration with the macro-region in Eastern Europe.

Who can participate in this event?

  • Cluster organization representatives interested in upcoming opportunities, including the European Commission’s next financial programme.
  • Small and medium company representatives interested in discovering case studies and good practices applied in the macro-region.
  • Organizations interested in establishing new collaborations within the Balkan, Baltic and Black Sea regions.
  • Companies looking to get acquainted with the current status of the industry in various states from the region.

The event will be opened by an intervention from the European Commission with the participation of Ms. Marta Basalla Masana, Policy Officer Advanced Technologies, Clusters and the Social Economy. The conference will also reunite high-level interventions of IT cluster representatives from 5 countries (Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Romania), including: Salvis Roga, Board Member of Green Tech Cluster, Tatjana Vučić,  Executive Director of Bit Alliance, Milan Šolaja, Executive Director of Vojvodina ICT Cluster, Anita Nikova, Executive Director of MASIT, Andrei Kelemen, Executive Director of Cluj IT Cluster. 

The expert panel is completed by Mr. Sebastiano Toffaletti, Secretary General of the European Digital SME Alliance, a representative organization of digital SMEs at the European level, while all discussions will be moderated by Mr. Filip Stojanovic, Director of USAID’s Future Growth Initiative, by The Palladium Group.

Participation is free of charge, but prior registration is required by filling the following form: 

The 3B ICT Network consists of 11 similar associations active in the ICT industry, with the general objective of increasing global visibility of the Balkan, Baltic and Black Sea region as a technology-driven destination. The mission of the network is to strengthen the collaboration between cluster initiatives in the ICT sector from this Eastern European macro-region and to increase global competitiveness of the sector by means of specific actions and projects.

For more details please contact:

Vojvodina ICT Cluster
Single point of contact with the best ICT companies in Serbia.

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