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VoxxedDays Belgrade 2016 Conference

VoxxedDays Belgrade 2016: Three days of Balkan’s Most Inspiring Technology & Entrepreneurship Conference, September 28­-30! For passionate developers, startup lovers, geeks and those who find the tech to be truly thrilling, VoxxedDays Belgrade represents the best place to network, hack, get inspired and learn.

This world­class conference programme will offer 80+ awesome speakers, coming from all over the world, to share their knowledge and experience.

The conference spans three days, during which some great names like Scott Amyx and Amir Golan (Amazon) and professionals from Google, JetBrains, Atlassian, Red Hat, Pivotal, CloudBees, Yammer, IBM, Zalando, Ustream (to mention just a few) will talk about latest tech trends. Participants will be able to catch up on numerous hot technological or business topics: satisfy curiosity, learn new skills and entertain themselves.

The price for tickets starts from 400euro + VAT, but for the VOICT members the organizers prepared €80 off ​with VOICTOFFER​ ​promo code​. Feel free to register here!

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In addition to the 4 parallel tracks, participants will be offered to join 5 different workshops. Check out the Scheduler here.

Last year VoxxedDays Belgrade was organized for the first time and turned out to be the biggest Voxxed conference organized by far! The great commitment, enthusiasm and creativity of organizers were recognized by Devoxx as well as the speakers and participants and today represents the most important regional IT initiative. This is also why VDB 2016 is going to be 2 times bigger and 4 times more fun!

For this year, the organizers of VoxxedDays Belgrade prepared the unforgettable experience:

  • Groundbreaking, tailored based programme: ​Presentations are meant to give you the thorough and interesting insights into topics of your choice, while workshops are great for getting the closer look into specific details, specially important to you. Choose among the four parallel tracks which will offer numerous talks on: Emerging Architectures, Disruptive Machines, Software World and relevant Business topics.
  • Loads of Networking: ​Everyone is invited to mingle with more than 800 rock star speakers and accomplished professionals gathered around the mission to learn and share.
  • Partying at its best: ​Plenty of delicious Serbian foods and drinks will be served continuously. Transformation of a venue into an after­party zone. Live gigs, relaxing and rocking atmosphere. Guides for enjoying the Belgrade.
  • All inclusive package: ​Every ticket means the full access to the whole conference (all topics / tracks, throughout 3 days); Delicious breakfast, lunch, sweets and coffee break; Access to relaxing after­parties and all mingling areas; Awesome T­shirt.

This year you can follow VoxxedDays Belgrade on Facebook and Twitter with official hashtag #vdb16.

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