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TMNS joins Devoteam Group

We proudly announce that TMNS has joined forces with Devoteam, effectively from 1st of June 2017.

As TMNS has a strong focus on supporting customers on their digitization journey through applying expertise in the areas of Enterprise Integration, API Management, Data&Analytics and DevOps, Devoteam has a strong position in delivering innovative, digital solutions to many customers in Europe – So, we have come to the conclusion that we are natural allies.

Devoteam is an entrepreneurial, innovative IT consulting company, listed on the stock market in Paris, where its head office is. Although being active in 17 countries across Europe and the Middle East with more than 4300 employees, due to its continuous progress it has a need to recruit more than 500 new people every year. Only in last year the company had a revenue growth of 13.4%, by making a turnover of 555M EUR and for this 2017 the forecast is to be even more.

Thanks to its dedicated professionals ensuring that clients win their digital battle, the company improves business performance by making their clients’ companies truly digital. Every customer faces with many business challenges during that battle – Devoteam provides operational answers on them offering:

  • Agile IT Platform: Transform core IT into an Agile and Service oriented digital platform
  • Digital Workplace: Create a work environment that makes employees more effective, and organizations more agile
    Cyber Security: Answer business need for speed and agility through programs that optimize security levels, but also trust
  • Data as a Service: Boost decision-making by leveraging data and providing businesses with fast, smart and high quality data services
  • Business Process Excellence: Leverage the potential of digital to improve operational excellence, and create processes that can change the business
  • Digital Experience: Design digital services & experiences that engage consumers & employees, improving the business & operational performance

In order to provide all these services, Devoteam strongly relies on global software partners: Google, RedHat, ServiceNow, Microsoft, SalesForce, BMC, Amazon, HP, CA and many others.

In both companies, there is a big excitement about combining the expertise, as we all strongly believe it will provide great career opportunities to our experts in TMNS, mostly in professional development, since now they will be taking part in bigger projects, working in more international environment. All of these will allow us to build even stronger ties with the technology partners in the future.

What it brings to TMNS Serbia? Well, definitely many new challenges and opportunities which includes:

  • new markets and clients,
  • new domains and technologies,
  • more and more demands for new employees!

For some period TMNS will continue to operate under the same name, TMNS but with very valuable addition ‘a devoteam company’

All in all, we honestly believe that there is an adventurous future waiting for us, now when we are together, joining our forces to deliver even better service. We expect an acceleration of the growth of our business, and accordingly the plan is to hire more new colleagues.

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