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RT-RK Computer Based Systems

Narodnog Fronta 23a, 21000 Novi Sad

+381 21 4801 200

+381 21 4801 116

Osnovna delatnost:: 500
Ostali:: 0

Godina osnivanja: 1991 | Private, limited liability company
Jezici: English, Serbian

O kompaniji

RT-RK is a R&D company and national research institute that delivers development services and own products  in the arena of real time embedded systems, with strong focus on consumer electronics, communications and multimedia.

The company’s business is structured in two big categories: professional services (outsourcing, near shore development centers), and own products. RT-RK delivers professional services in the field of computer engineering, focusing on: embedded software, TV software, DSP software, industrial and Automotive software, FPGA, product design, and small scale production.

Headquartered in Novi Sad, with an office in Belgrade Serbia, with over 400 employees, 350 of whom are engineers, RT-RK is one of the biggest development houses in Southeast Europe.

Osnovni proizvodi i usluge

The company offers three lines of products:

  • Automated solutions for testing of complex consumer electronic devices such as Integrated Digital TVs (iDTV) and Set-Top boxes (STB), known as BBT (Black Box Testing).
  • Interactive system for wireless control of lighting ambience OBLO includes retrofit intelligent switches, dimmers and outlets for power consumption monitoring.
  • The latest products introduced on the STB market, powered by iWedia software.


Razvojni planovi i inostrana saradnja

Customer Base - Silicon Vendors

  • Cirrus logic - R&D for audio ICs
  • SmarDTV - R&D for encryption ICs
  • Trident -  R&D for multimedia ICs
  • Bosch - R&D for sensor ICs
  • Micronas - R&D for sensor & automotive ICs
  • CSR - R&D for TV & STB ICs
  • MIPS - Connected TV applications
  • Marvell - Connected TV applications
  • Atmel - Reference design

Customer Base - Consumer Electronics

  • Vestel - R&D services for TV
  • Loewe - R&D services for TV
  • Kathrein - R&D services for DTV
  • Siemens - R&D for VoIP
  • Plantronics - USB VoIP Applications
  • Metz - R&D for TV
  • General Satellite - R&D for STB and production
  • PS-UFA - Testing solutions
  • Microsoft - USB VoIP applications
  • Logitech - COnnected TV applications

Customer Base - Telecommunications

  • NEC - HW & FPGA design
  • Sagemcom - Application for mobile terminals
  • Storm Telecom - Circuit switching protocols
  • Sky - Real time video quality assessment
  • Swisscom - STB reference design
  • Nuance - Application for mobile terminals
  • Myriad - Mobile phone applications
  • Open Wave - Mobile phone applications
  • Deutsche Telekom - Testing solutions

Customer Base - Energy / Lighting / Home Automation

  • ABB - FPGA development
  • Srbijagas - Gasoline control - SCADA
  • Philips - System design
  • Telvent - R&D services
  • TriDiNetworks - R&D lightening
  • Control 4 - Software development services

Customer Base - Other Industry Segments

  • Coller Capital - FPGA development
  • Rafael - VoIP R&D small scale production
  • Dmist - R&D and production
  • AudioCodes - R&D and production
  • Starkey  Software development services
  • Typhoon HIL - HW & FPGA design
  • Altran - Consulting service
  • Vojska Srbije - R&D and production
  • BIA - R&D and production
  • The University Of Sheffield - R&D and production
  • RED - R&D for Audio ICs


EN ISO 9001:2008


  • Consumer electronics
  • Digital TV/Set-Top Box
  • Automotive
  • Home automation

Obim i performanse

Koje geografske oblasti ova kompanija najbolje uslužuje? Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, Israel


Unikatne usluge/proizvodi Android STB RK-2100; RK-2210, Linux STB - RK-1000, SAT>IP - RK-3040, BBT Testing Solutions, OBLO Home Automation, INSIGHT technology for cloud based IoT services
Koja je kratkoročna strategija? Positioning within current customer base
Koja je dugoročna strategija? To become premium electronic device design centre with established supply chain and manufacturing center
Da li kompanija teži da zadrži poziciju ili da agresivno raste? To grow at manageable rate
Da li je kompanija kandidat za udruživanje, prodaju, zajedničko ulaganje? All
Profil poželjne partnerske organizacije (Integrator sistema, usluge prodaje itd.) Silicon vendors, Consumer electronics, Telecommunications, Energy / Lighting / Home automation


Prednosti usluga Embedded software, TV software, DSP, Product design, Small scale production, Automotive and industrial, TV/STB systems testing, FPGA based rapid prototyping, UI/UX design


Reputacija u poslovnoj zajednici Excellent
Uključeni u društvene odgovornosti/dobrotvorne projekte Yes