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RealMarket is a software company based in Novi Sad - Serbia. Founded in July 2018, it aims to create an integrated ecosystem of FinTech and RegTech products with the goal of unlocking the potential of programmable economy. The company's mission is to build superior solutions for business problems using enterprise blockchain technology, machine learning, and big data. In other words, RealMarket focuses on helping organizations to transform and augment their business processes through the application of emerging technologies.

Glavni proizvodi i usluge

  • Equity Crowdfunding
  • Private Equity Secondary Market
  • Capitalization Table Management
  • Corporate Governance Management


RealMarket is focused on two main business lines: building an alternative finance blockchain ecosystem and providing DeepTech development & consultancy.

RealMarket integrates cap table management with trading into a system which makes startups (or unlisted companies in general) IPO-ready from their very inception and offers them sources of alternative finance. Further, it allows tracking of voting decisions and regulatory compliance using permissioned blockchain technology. An always up-to-date and accurate cap table is an important advantage of using RealMarket since this is a prerequisite for efficient and regulation-compliant trading. All trades performed within the RealMarket system automatically update the cap table and generate corresponding documents required by authorities.

The company's innovative software services:

  • streamline business processes,
  • make it easier for startups to access alternative sources of finance, such as crowdfunding,
  • allow startups to be IPO-ready from their very inception,
  • provide better liquidity of investments in startups through secondary market trading supported by permission blockchain technology,
  • remove friction from supply chain management,
  • provide business transparency, traceability, and auditability,
  • automate the reporting and disclosure procedures for regulatory compliance,
  • dramatically reduce the cost of securing and streamlining the management of organizational assets, records, and personnel.

The company's consulting services are primary in blockchain, but also include data science, big data, and machine learning - they are:

  • Strategic architecting and consulting,
  • Rapid prototype design and development,
  • Custom software development and integration,
  • Innovation workshops,
  • Education and training workshops.

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