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NewTec Solutions

Tosin Bunar 272, Belgrade, Serbia

+381 (11) 6557 453

Osnovna delatnost:: 80
Ostali:: 10

Godina osnivanja: 2007 | Private
Jezici: English

O kompaniji

NewTec Solutions specializes in design and production of web, desktop and mobile applications and websites, based on our CMS “Genera7”, Joomla, TYPO3, WordPress, Magento.

In an area of mobile apps development we have a lot of creative ideas that can launch client`s bussines on popular application platforms like Android, iPhone, iPad, and others.

In an area of business applications we have a number of ongoing projects on Microsoft platform (C#,, MS SQL Server).

Osnovni proizvodi i usluge

Development of web applications (eShops, Internal Portals, Health Care apps, Insurance app).

Main products:
* TalkB2B business matchmaking web and mobile application
* Genera CMS 
* eLearning applications 
* Mobile applications

Outsourcing to number of clients from UK, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands and Denmark. More about outsourcing can be found at


Outsourcing represents one of our most important services offered. NewTec Solutions offers a unique combination of high-quality and low-cost skill-sets as the Serbian workforce are widely regarded as strong business performance drivers.

Over 90% of our company’s income comes from services offered to clients in Denmark, England, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and the United States. We’ve been working with and offering our services to clients in those countries since 2008, thus making us very well versed in how companies are set up, structured and organized.


You would like to extend your team with qualified software developers or IT staff members in the long term and thereby save time and costs? By building up your own team in Serbia, NewTec Solutions offers you a proven nearshoring solution, which enables you to extend your development capacities on a cost-efficient and sustainable basis.

The Own Team Model

We recruit the desired developers in close collaboration with you and establish them at our nearshore development center in Belgrade.

This is 100% your team. Your employees work just for you, they use your systems and are part of your organisation. You know their salaries, you can compare performance internally, set individual goals and reward good results. In other words, you can manage them (with our full support) the same way as your local in-house employees, with the only difference that they work for you in Belgrade.

In this way you can expand you existing team with own, permanently employed (nearshore-) staff members, but you do not have to care about the administration nor about the infrastructure and can reduce your labor costs significantly at the same time.

Obim i performanse

Koje geografske oblasti ova kompanija najbolje uslužuje? North America and Europe


Target markets United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, UAE
Unikatne usluge/proizvodi TalkB2B
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Profil poželjne partnerske organizacije (Integrator sistema, usluge prodaje itd.) Partners, Foreign representative, Joint Venture, Sales Channels