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Inspira grupa

Aleja Maršala Tita 26/3-1, 24000 Subotica, Serbia

+381 24 65 05 00

+381 24 65 05 05

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O kompaniji

Inspira Group is an Internet company that develops
and maintains its own sites. As one of the
leading domestic Internet companies, we have
sites in four main areas: jobs, education, used
cars, and tourism. We also encourage e-Business
development in Serbia.
Infostud sites are practical and informative,
with plenty of useful and reliable information in
one place. Based on modern technologies and
knowledge, built by experienced team, our sites
make search for information, services, products,
or people an easy task and in accordance to the
specific needs of visitors and clients. All Infostud
sites are leaders in their fields.

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