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Godina osnivanja Novi Sad, Serbia | Private company, Ltd
Jezici: English, Serbian

O kompaniji

ENLIGHT IT SOURCING provides high quality IT services for clients located all around the world. Using the latest technology, we are able to create professional, scalable, responsive solutions with high performance. We strive to deliver outstanding solutions and reduce operations costs, while increasing productivity. Our experienced engineers make challenges light, clear and fresh, infusing them with highly applicable and unique ideas. In addition to development we provide testing, IT administration and project management services as well.

We are SME and development company with strong technical background and expertise in secure traceability systems, industrial communications, cross-platform solutions, distributed and fault tolerant systems, integration among different industrial systems and laboratory information system with off-site operations management.

We are team of mostly senior (10+ years experience) engineers who are willing to deal with all tasks and challenges regardless to domain and technologies. We dare You to put task in front of us, so we can analyze it and apply the latest technologies to provide a unique solution in order to improve your business process.

The core of our values, as we in ENLIGHT see it, is dealing with all daily challenges only by having strong teams and cherishing team spirit and unity. Sharing knowledge and investing in our teams is crucially important and followed by joining and having reliable partners. That is our formula for success at work.

Glavni proizvodi i usluge

  • Requirement engineering
  • Systems engineering
  • Test & Integration
  • Project Management
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications

Razvojni planovi i strana saradnja

As we are outsourcing company with specific skillset, all our clients are foreign companies.

We plan to grow in: number of people, set of technologies, variety of clients...

We see our partner's problems as our possibilities and opportunities for growth and development.


Western Europe, mostly Germany, Switzerland, Italy, UK, Netherlands and also China.


Our model is based on nearshoring and outsourcing. We enable our clients to build a dedicated team as well as use of a single person.

Fizički obim i perfomanse

Koje geografske oblasti ova kompanija najbolje uslužuje? Western Europe
Koje još geografske oblasti ova kompanija može adekvatno da usluži? Other


Target markets Industry, Pharmacy, Transport, Banking...



Vojvodina ICT Cluster

Vojvodina ICT Cluster