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RT-RK Develops Applications For Zoran®

After successful porting of Google””s Android Operating System to SupraHD® and SupraXD® processor platforms for DTV and set-top box products, RT-RK Computer Based Systems and Zoran Corporation from Sunnyvale (California, USA) signed an Agreement on developing additional applications for DTV and STB products.

RT-RK ported Android to SupraHD and SupraXD processors by Zoran.

Nikola Teslic, Deputy General Manager at RT-RK, said that applications developed by their engineers for Zoran-based Connected TV and Set-Top Box devices offer consumers an easy-to-access information experience providing all personal services they may need:  e-mail, news, weather reports, sports videos, travel recommendations, video games, movies and social networking services.

This partnership aims to deliver high performance, competitive products on a timely basis reducing time-to-market and system costs.

Zoran Corporation is a leading provider of digital solutions in the digital entertainment and digital imaging markets with over twenty years of expertise. Their products have received recognition for excellence and are now in hundreds of millions of homes and offices worldwide.

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