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RT-RK: Alpha Board gets Camera Monitor System Algorithm by DENSO ADAS

DENSO ADAS Engineering Services GmbH joins the Alpha project, contributing with its CMS (Camera Monitor System). This algorithm eliminates blind spots and estimates the proximity of oncoming vehicles, with the aim of collision avoidance.

By joining the project, DENSO ADAS strengthens the algorithm potential of the ecosystem built around the Alpha development board. This is leading towards the support of ADAS applications such as advanced warning systems, active control systems and semi-autonomous driving.

Side view mirrors have been a mandated safety feature of automobiles for decades. Whilst side view mirrors leave blind spots, a cause of many accidents, they also compromise aerodynamic performance, as well as creating wind noise. The CMS algorithm monitors the entire road scene with side mounted cameras, in place of the traditional mirror. The driver is alerted about fast approaching cars from behind, ensuring the safety of lane change manoeuvres.

This complex CMS algorithm has been embedded onto the Alpha platform by RT-RK and is in the final stages of performance optimisation, with the aim of achieving 60 frames per second for two rear facing cameras. RT-RK is fully exploiting the ARM, DSP and EV cores of the TDAx SOC platform resources.

The Alpha development board now comprises a centralised video processing unit for up to ten cameras: two CMS, four surround view, two forward looking stereoscopic view cameras, driver monitoring and a night vision cameras.

RT-RK will showcase at Embedded World 2017. As well as the CMS algorithm, the demonstration will include a Driver Monitoring System algorithm by FotoNation, and Surround View algorithm by Texas Instruments.

“This CMS algorithm perfectly complements the RT-RK development,” said Tomislav Maruna, Head of Automotive Business Unit at RT-RK. “In this new challenging field of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, the required skills are at the core of our expertise – embedded software, image processing, the mathematics of DSP porting and optimisation. Therefore, we are confident to meet these challenges and the business partnership opportunities.”

About DENSO ADAS Engineering Services GmbH

DENSO ADAS Engineering Services GmbH (DENSO ADAS) is a company owned by DENSO International Europe B.V. DENSO ADAS enhances the development of safety technologies and develops image recognition technologies for advanced safety. DENSO works with DENSO ADAS to improve development of sensing technologies for detecting obstacles around a vehicle based on image recognition, to help achieve automated driving and advanced driver assistance systems. The company is located in Lindau, Germany. For more information, visit

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