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Prozone: eDocumentus in the Middle East

Prozone has created a new version of eDocumentus – (Document Management System) for the Middle East market. From now on, users in this region will be able to create and manage business documents and processes using eDocumentus in Arabic.



Software localization in this case does not only involves translation into Arabic, but also the complete change of the interface itself. Due to the specificity of the Arabic language, the items visible on the screen are moved from left to right.

The change of the organization – from left to right does not include only the position of the labels and input fields. It also means changing the position of the menu, the organization of the directory tree, table columns, etc.

The platform has been modified enabling operational elements to be moved from right to left and vice versa.

Prozone has been operating in the Middle East for the past six years and since 2013 it has had its own company in Kuwait, Prozone Middle East.


Document Management System Arabic


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