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Open Call for Lecturers in IT Academy

Vojvodina ICT cluster – VOICT and Nis Cluster of Advanced Technologies – NiCAT plan to apply for grants for ICT Cluster Academy Serbia – ICT CASE Project, and will need outside consultants on numerous positions.

VOICT & NiCAT hereby open a call for:


 Location: Novi Sad

Fields of interest (you can send application for one subject from the Group 1, and maximum of 2 subjects from the Group 2 – total of maximum 3 subjects per lecturer):

  • Group 1 – Basic Subjects
    • Fundamentals of programing and software development
    • Object Oriented Programing
    • Database Fundamentals
  • Group 2 – Special Subjects
    • Data Structure Fundamentals
    • Database Administration
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • JAVA
    • Mobile application development 1
    • Mobile application development 2
    • GUI
    • Human Computer Interface (HCI)

Location: Nis

Fields of interest (total of 2 subjects max per lecturer):

  • Basic Subjects
    • Methodologies and tools for software products development
    • Object oriented programming
  • Special Subjects – Group 1
    • Web programming  1
    • Web programming  2
    • Mobile applications development
  • Special Subjects – Group 2
    • ARM 32
    • Lab VIEW
    • Development of Real Time Systems

Experience and qualifications required:

  • Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience (advantage to candidates that are in ICT sector or higher education)
  • Minimum BSc degree in IT/Computer Science/Informatics, Electronics or other relevant field
  • Minimum of one project from the field of ICT outside of current work position
  • Good communication skills
  • Dedication and flexibility

Timing and duration:

Lecturer will need to complete a course from the selected field with its own course curriculum. It will last for 30 school classes (24 for lecturers and 6 for tests).  Lectures will be completed in a block system in one month time (Friday afternoon, Saturday before noon). Contract for service will be signed with the lecturer. Application documents are submitted in English language, while lectures and tests are performed in Serbian language.

Documentation required:

  • Application form (one section of this form focuses on the interest for open position with specific focus on experience, knowledge and skills from the selected fields).
  • Biography (CV).
  • Your idea of the course curriculum and program- one written A4 page, free format. You can download documentation, including profiles description, here:

Please send documentation to: – if applying for Novi Sad positions, or – if applying for positions in Nis

Only complete application received no later than Tuesday, September 24, 2013, will be taken into account.


All applicants will be notified by email about the outcome of the selection process, not later than Friday October 4, 2013, EOB.

Please, note that all applicants who come through to the second round of the selection process will be required to fill the EBD form with details of the past 3 months of their current employment as well as any consultancy contracts for the past 3 years. This information, along with the best practice of established donors operating in Serbia, will serve as the basis for remuneration rates within the Project.


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