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[Online] 2021 Taoyuan International Trade Procurement Meeting

On behalf of Taoyuan City Government, Taiwan, we cordially invite you as our buyer of 2021 Taoyuan International Trade Meeting on October 14. Come and meet our outstanding exporters and manufacturers in Taiwan and explore new business opportunities.

The 1-on-1 prescheduled business matchmaking meeting is aim to bring together international buyers and top-rated suppliers in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

Please provide us with the commodity list/products and/or services for which your company is looking for suppliers as soon as you sign up to participate in the matchmaking meetings. You will be provided a list of suppliers participating in the matchmaking meetings approximately three weeks before the meeting, and you will be asked to send us your wish list of the ones you would like to meet with. We will be providing you with your schedule prior to the trade meeting.

Sincerely invite you to join our trade meeting and look forward to meeting you online this October!

2021 Taoyuan International Trade Meeting invite international buyers from the following sectors:

Internet of Things (IoT) & Information and Communications Technology (ICT):

  • Connector & Cable assembly
  • Storage, Server, Chassis
  • Antenna
  • Industrial PC
  • Network Communication (Switch, Router, Wifi etc.)
  • Power supply
  • Touch panel
  • CCTV camera, IP camera

Green Energy:

  • Inverter
  • LED
  • Energy storage
  • Battery charger

Auto parts:

  • Parts and components
  • Automobile electronic products
  • Electric vehicle solution and components

Medical Products:

  • Monitoring and diagnostic equipment
  • Medical supplies


  • Confectionery, biscuit
  • Prepared food
  • Condiments

Registration, here.

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