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Novi Sad-based Startup Clockify Lets You Track Work Hours For Free

It’s been four months since Coing, a software development team from Novi Sad, launched their Clockify campaign on Product Hunt and got the app among top featured products on the launch day! Immediately after the launch and getting featured, the app started getting some serious traction very early on, and managed to attract more than 17000 users in a very short time.

Clockify is a free time tracking app designed primarily for small and mid-sized businesses but can be used by anyone who needs to keep track of their work hours. It’s a perfect match for teams and agencies because they are the target group which can benefit the most by using a free app.

Most Clockify’s competitors offer free plans, but it’s usually only for a single user or up to three users. The most common way of pricing a service like time tracking is based on a per-user fee, where the range goes from 5 up to 20 dollars per user.

This is what separates Clockify from the rest. Their unique value proposition is based on the removal of pricing altogether, offering all the functionalities and features found in similar time tracking apps, completely free of charge.

Asked about his motivation behind releasing a free product, Nenad Milanović, CEO at Clockify and Coing, said:

I own a software development agency and we were paying Toggl around $500 each month so all employees could log their time. That’s too much money for something so simple. So we created Clockify. It has everything agencies such as mine really need, without costing a fortune.

Nenad reveals that there are some plans to offer a paid service, but only for enterprise users who would be interested in a self-hosted solution and some custom integrations with in-house systems. The cloud features will remain free. If you want to know more about how and why they chose the ‘free product’ strategy, you can check out their first post on Medium where they’ve explained the approach in more detail.

The app already scored some good reviews and continues to build its reputation. Currently, Clockify is experiencing a steady growth in the number of users and the team is working hard to open the app towards the global market and increase its popularity.


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