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Next step towards better regional cooperation

Danube ICT Clusters’ sustainable cooperation for smart and inclusive growth – Regional Survey.

According to the conclusions of the Strategic ICT Clusters’ Meeting for Danube ICT Clusters’ sustainable cooperation for smart and inclusive growth project which was held on February 18th and-19th 2016, in Belgrade, Regional Surveys have been implemented.

The surveys has been conducted under the framework of the DANUBE ICT Project and gave an opportunity to regional ICT clusters, business organizations, ICT SME’s as well as cross-industry clusters to express their opinion about current business conditions and prospective for cross-border and cross industry collaboration in the region.

As a main result of thorough questionnaires, responded from almost all regional countries, there is a high scale of recognition of cross-border and cross-industry cooperation as business opportunity.

The Strategic Action Plan for regional cross-cluster collaboration was elaborated. The document is based on the results of the surveys. The Plan includes two potential projects on which project partners and regional partners will be focused in their future collaboration. They are Comprehensive value chain mapping for smart agriculture in the Balkans region and Entrepreneurial discovery for cross-cluster development of business models and smart technology-service solutions for precision agriculture.

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