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New service in our portfolio: Easy to Visa!

In cooperation with G Solutions Group, Vojvodina ICT Cluster offers a new service: immigration counseling and preparation of visa applications for any destination!

Bringing ease to the process

Migration and relocation of workforce is a global phenomenon that has been particularly present in the IT sector in recent years, and has a significant impact on the overall competitiveness and performance of IT companies in global markets.

Cross-border recruitment outside emloyer’s origin country is often over-bureaucratized and time-consuming, requiring deep knowledge of immigration regulations and strict compliance with legal procedures.

G Solutions Group is the first regional immigration service provider which offers tailor-made solutions to their customers . Whether you need a counseling service or assistance in preparing a visa application for any destination in the world, or your new employees with foreign citizenship need assistance in meeting all the necessary conditions for work in Serbia, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Macedonia, or Montenegro, we are ready to respond to all your needs.

The offer

In cooperation with Vojvodina ICT Cluster, G Solutions Group provides the following services:

  • Preparing a complete visa application for any destination in the world
  • Payment of all necessary fees using one online payment service
  • Professional translation of accompanying documentation
  • Scheduling appointments for application submission
  • Meeting with clients when submitting a request
  • Picking up the passport at the end of the process
  • Passport delivery to your door
  • SMS notification
  • Monitoring preparation and status of your application
  • Online and on-site immigration consulting


5% discount for members of IT organizations in Serbia:

5% discount for members of 3BICT Cluster Network.

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