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Outstanding Results of M&I Systems, Co.

M&I Systems, Co has received Outstanding Results Award for 2011, awarded by Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina. Award ceremony for successful companies and individuals was held April 25, 2012, at the premises of Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina, tradition which dates from 1964.

In a press release the CCV Management Board stated that this company excels in ICT engineering and management consulting for  two decades and is one of the leading companies in Serbia and the region in the area of ICT consulting and application of IT solutions in businesses.

M&I Systems, Co

M&I Systems, Co. has become a crucial partner to organizations who aim to advance and optimize their business through implementation of advanced software solutions, secure profits and competitive advantage. Through application of the latest information technologies, M&I Systems, Co. has developed its own software systems and boasts over 150 implementations of ERP solutions as well as long and fruitful partnerships with the leading global IT brands such as SAP, IBM and IDS Sheer.

Basic idea which leads employees of M&I Systems, Co. is that smart investments lead to savings in time, money and all company resources – philosophy proven by their numerous clients in different industry sectors.

Mr. Nikola Balaban, CFO at M&I Systems, Co. Group

Mr. Nikola Balaban, CFO at M&I Systems, Co. Group:

“We are happy that our success and efforts to be the best in what we do are recognized by the top industry institution of our Province, in the city of Novi Sad where we have started it all back in 1991.

This award proves we are on the right track and motivates us to continually satisfy high professional standards, offering our loyal and future clients the best products and services out there.”

M&I Systems, Co. is the part of M&I Systems, Co. Group comprised, apart from M&I Systems, Co., by TIAC, Amber Software, G2R i M&I Systems from Banja Luke, Bosnia and Herzegowina. The mission of M&I Systems, Co. Group is to offer comprehensive IT solutions and services to their clients, all in one place, with high level of quality and reliability, and in accordance to all legal and business standards.

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