ZESIUM mobile

Mičurinova 8, Novi Sad


+381 (0)21 270 22 80

core business: 18
other: 3

Established in 2004 | Ltd.
Languages: Serbian, English

About the company

ZESIUM mobile Ltd, Novi Sad is an ambitious dynamic company with clear strategy and mission to utilize latest and emerging communication and information technologies in order to improve business and satisfaction of our customers. ZESIUM employs highly educated engineers with valuable experience and strong professional background in the IT domain, ranging from software design and development, product validation, testing and test management, to a variety of consultancy services.

Our strong ability and confidence to match customer expectations stems from heritable experience initially gained by our parent companies, ZESIUM mobile GmbH, Munich, and NSCom doo, Novi Sad, through their 8 years of successful business in mobile & wireless communications. Having firm determination to succeed in making our visions alive, ZESIUM team has just continued to enhance this experience by itself. Our secret is in careful listening to the particular needs of our customers, promoting free idea and information sharing within company necessary for spotting and resolving technical and business issues and using our passion, innovation and creativity to provide our customers with state-of-the-art top quality solutions and products. This is proven by a number of R&D and outsourcing projects that have been successfully completed on-time, as well as with our customer list that includes strong, worldwide operating players in mobile telecommunication and chip manufacturing industry.

Main Products and Services

  1. Software development on mobile handheld devices.
  2. System solutions in public safety domain.

Development plans and foreign collaboration

To finalize own product in public safety domain and obtain first reference and budget for further enhancement.

To obtain foreign partner who shall inquiry market and promote the product.


ITMark (2009)


Serbian, EU

Physical scale & performance

What geographic areas are served the best? Europe
What geographic areas could be served adequately? USA


Target markets Serbia, EU
Any unique product/service System solution for public safety (still in development)
What is the short-term strategy? To position ourselves as leader in region concerning system integration in public safety domain.
What is the long-term strategy? To develop own product and target global market with lover price and quality.
Wish to hold position or to grow aggressively Grow with rate of 50% yearly
Merger/Acquisition/JV candidate Yes
Collaboration sought in following fields Marketing and promotion, development
Describe profile of desired partner company (System Integrator, Sales Service, etc.) Sales representative for EU market who could promote our outsourcing services
Main needs (strategic, development...) Investments


Major accounts Texas Instruments, Germany Comneon, Germany Swisscom Innovations, Switzerland, Constant Dialog, Sw
Service strengths Customer orientated approach with aim on listening to the particular needs of our customers, promoti
With what accounts are the best relationships Swisscom Innovations, Switzerland


Overall reputation in the business community Good
Involved in social responsibility/charity projects Yes
Vojvodina ICT Cluster

Vojvodina ICT Cluster