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Mičurinova 8, Novi Sad

+381 (0)21 270 22 80

core business: 50
other: 10

Established in 2004 | Ltd.
Languages: Serbian, English

About the company

ZESIUM Mobile Ltd, Novi Sad is a dynamic company with a clear mission to utilize the latest communication and information technologies to improve business of our clients.
With over 15 years of experience in the software industry, we are responsible for over 100 successfully implemented projects for international clients within various industries.

Our dedication is shaping software for mobile future through innovation and creativity - the key focus is delivering custom software solutions through Enterprise mobile B2B, B2C apps, software/web/mobile app development, IoT (Internet of Things) implementation as well as Artificial Intelligence.
You will benefit with smart mobile solutions through dedicated work of our software, app and web developers specialized in mobile, .NET, Java and more.

We don’t just blindly write code - our secret is in careful listening to the particular needs of our clients as we always provide more add-on delivery with our proactive approach, giving you an opportunity to get the most efficient solution to your pain points.

Inspired by your needs and expectations, we tailor our services accordingly.

Share your vision with ZESIUM and build solutions that last!


Main Products and Services

Products: Team as a Service, Innovation Lab and Startup Hub.

Services: Software/Mobile app/Web development, System solutions within diverse domains, Internet of things, Software for mobile future, Artificial Intelligence.


Development plans and foreign collaboration

To position ourselves as a leader in region within software development domain.

To develop and strengthen our position within the international market and demonstrate our high quality services and extensive expertise.





ITMark (2009)


Europe, USA, Israel, Serbia

Physical scale & performance

What geographic areas are served the best? Europe
What geographic areas could be served adequately? USA


Target markets EU, Serbia
Any unique product/service System solutions for transportation and logistics domain
What is the short-term strategy? To position ourselves as leader in region within software development domain.
What is the long-term strategy? To develop our own product and target global market with competitive price and high quality.
Wish to hold position or to grow aggressively Grow with rate of 50% annually
Merger/Acquisition/JV candidate Yes
Collaboration sought in following fields Marketing and promotion, development
Describe profile of desired partner company (System Integrator, Sales Service, etc.) Business Associate for EU market who could promote our outsourcing services
Main needs (strategic, development...) Investment


Major accounts Schneider Electric SRB, Texas Instruments DE, Fleaty SE, ApParking Spot Nordic SE, OneTraffic DE, CombMe CZ
Service strengths Customer orientated approach with aim on listening to the particular needs of our clients
With what accounts are the best relationships Schneider Electric, SEDMS


Overall reputation in the business community Good
Involved in social responsibility/charity projects Yes