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Vega IT doo

Novosadskog sajma 2, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia

+381 (0)21 661 65 57

+381 (0)21 661 65 58

core business: 597
other: 136

Established in 2008 | Private, limited liability company
Languages: English, Serbian

About the company

Vega IT story started back in 2008 when two Faculty of Technical Sciences students founded the company together, making them its first-ever employees. A small circle of friends grew bigger over the years, reaching the number of more than 750 employees today operating in 6 different cities: Novi Sad, Belgrade, Zrenjanin, Niš, Podgorica and New York. They also show a tendency towards further global expansion.

In the past 15 years, they have successfully launched over 1500 projects in markets in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. The extensive domain expertise they have acquired throughout the years helped them create innovative software solutions and deliver added value to their clients.

In the first half of 2023, they opened up their first office in New York, which marked the beginning of an era of their global expansion.

They are extremely proud of not only their technical projects but also their CSR projects and campaigns.

Since the very beginning of Vega IT, they wanted to use their success to make our community a better place to live in. They initiated projects such as Code for a Cause, Green IT, Charity IT Relay race, Start Today and Support Knowledge. Their active engagement in CSR projects led to the establishment of the Vega IT Foundation in 2022. Apart from that, they are treating the local community with the utmost care since they believe that a strong and developed local community is at the core of a stable and sustainable business.

A people-first approach - an essential part of company culture

Since day one, the founders wanted to create a successful organization that would make all employees feel good and encourage them to work on their personal and professional development. For the sake of preserving this valuable part of company culture in times of rapid growth, they introduced a Development Lead position whose main function is to follow the colleagues' career progress and provide help and support along the way.

It is often said that in Vega IT learning never stops. Constant work on professional and personal development, and open-mindedness when it comes to accepting new challenges are all a part of company culture. That is the reason why they often organize knowledge-sharing events and sessions and learn about new technology trends, topics and concepts.

Sure, they find some time to sit back, relax, and enjoy fun activities in the company. Friendly gatherings and team-building activities are great ways to make bonds between colleagues even stronger. They add to the positive atmosphere, improve communication and build up trust among colleagues. Winter team building at Kopaonik and summer team building in Poreč are colleagues’ all-time favourite destinations. :)


Company culture, Private health care, Mentorship programme, Professional and personal development support, Foreign languages classes, Technical training and courses for employees, Group activities and trips, the Inclusion of family and friends in company’s activities, Fitlife Programme, Participation in CSR projects, Activities for employees’ children.

Technologies they use:

.Net, Java, Python, Node.js, HTML, CSS, React, Angular, Vue.js, React Native, Flutter, Android, iOS, Kotlin, Swift, AWS&Azure.


  • FinTech
  • HealthTech
  • InsurTech
  • PharmaTech
  • Automotive
  • EdTech
  • Media
  • FoodTech

Main Products and Services

  • Software Product Development
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Dedicated development team
  • Websites Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Salesforce
  • Research and Development
  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Quality Assurance Services
  • DevOps Services
  • Adobe Experience Manager Development
  • Data Science
  • Business Analysis Services
  • Product owners
  • IT Project Management Services

Physical scale & performance

What geographic areas are served the best? Great Britain, the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.
What geographic areas could be served adequately? Germany, Norway


Target markets The UEA, Germany, Norway.
Wish to hold position or to grow aggressively Its goal is further global expansion.
Describe profile of desired partner company (System Integrator, Sales Service, etc.) Digital Product companies, start-ups and enterprise companies.



Overall reputation in the business community Exellent
Any legal troubles in the past No
Involved in social responsibility/charity projects Yes