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Schneider Electric DMS NS LLC, Novi Sad

Narodnog fronta 25 A - D; Novi Sad

+381 21 488 3600

+381 21 488 3789

core business: 500
other: 136

Established in 2008 | Private, limited liability company
Languages: English, Serbian

About the company

The Company carries on businesses relating to the research, development, marketing, sales and licensing of the DMS software and carries on services related to DMS Software deployment, maintenance and support, as well as integration to IT infrastructure of the electric utility distribution network control system.

Main Products and Services

DMS Software, with Integrations to SCADA (Intellution, OASyS, View2000, Spectrum), GIS (ArcFM, Smallworld, Intergraph) and integration to SAP

Development plans and foreign collaboration

Telvent Energia (and its subsidiaries), Mihajlo Pupin Automatika, Iskra Sistemi Slovenia, Systel Automation LLC, Prolan Hungary, Electricity Coordination Centre Ltd. Belgrade, IBM


Microsoft Partner competencies:
- Silver Desktop
- Silver Identity and Security
- Silver Management and Virtualization
- Silver Midmarket Solution Provider
- Silver Server Platform
- Silver Software Development


North America, South America, Europe, Russia, India, China, and Australia


Telvent DMS has VAR agreement with Telvent Sweden for DMS Software delivery on specific market consisting of: Iberia, North America, Central America and South America, Caribbean, China and Australia. On other markets, Telvent DMS cooperates with other local partners or directly to the customers.

Physical scale & performance

What geographic areas are served the best? Serbia, North America
What geographic areas could be served adequately? Europe, South America, China


Target markets North America, Europe
Any unique product/service Advanced Distribution management system, Outage management system, Demand/Response
What is the short-term strategy? Deployment and Integration of DMS Software and related software with IT infrastructure existing in e
What is the long-term strategy? Fully integrated Smart Grid Solution covering all mission critical applications for real-time contro
Wish to hold position or to grow aggressively to grow aggressively
Merger/Acquisition/JV candidate Equity investment preferably (Telvent DMS is already JV)
Collaboration sought in following fields Electric utilities, power engineering, software engineering
Describe profile of desired partner company (System Integrator, Sales Service, etc.) System integration companies for electric utilities, Software development companies with connections
Main needs (strategic, development...) Investments into product development, Sales channels


Major accounts Progress Energy USA, BC Hydro Canada, Hydro One Canada, DONG Denmark etc
Service strengths Services are specific, because of high technology and deep knowledge based product
Service weaknesses Potentially large amount of integrations to be supported
With what accounts are the best relationships Elektrovojvodina, ENEL Italy, Progress Energy USA, BC Hydro Canada, Hydro One Canada


Overall reputation in the business community excellent
Any legal troubles in the past No
Involved in social responsibility/charity projects Yes