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M&I Systems Group

Industrijska 3b, 21000 Novi Sad

+381 21 6898602

+381 21 6898602

core business: 90
other: 11

Established in 1991 | Private
Languages: English, Serbian

About the company

M&I Systems, Co. is a consulting and software company that offer integrated strategic management solutions. Our focus is on the development and implementation of BPM, ERP, CRM and BI systems but we also offer analytical and strategic management consulting software, business software expertise, as well as outsourcing of resources and services. We have experience in IT and have been providing software and consulting to companies since 1991. and acquired extensive experience in this field.

M&I Systems, Co. activities are focused on the top consulting, innovative information systems, technology services, product development and implementation. Following modern concepts and strategies for market development, M & I Systems, Co. aims to maintain a leading place as a supplier of technology business solutions and services in the region.

M&I Systems, Co. Group currently employs a total of over 120 people, our headquarters is located in Serbia and we have location in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have an excellent reputation with our partners and customers in Serbia and the Balkans as well as with our partner in EU and USA.


Main Products and Services

MIS2Open (ERP), MIS4i (ERP),  BI (Business intelligence), SAP (ERP),  BPM (Business process management), PPM (Process performance management), SFA PDA (Sales force automation), MIS Store (Retail), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), UNIS (University information system), RETUS (Restaurants), REDIS, LEGALIS, ARHIS, Outsourcing of payroll services, Outsourcing of programming, Call Center & Service desk services, Data center services, Customer software development.

Development plans and foreign collaboration

Expanding portfolio of products and services in order to provide complete services to existing and future clients. Collaboration with IT companies on the local and global level.


ISO 9001

SAP, SoftwareAG - IDS Scheer, IBM, EMC, Microstrategy, Microsoft…



Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, EU, USA

Physical scale & performance

What geographic areas are served the best? Former Yugoslavia
What geographic areas could be served adequately? European countries, America


Target markets Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, EU
Any unique product/service ERP systems - MIS2Open, MIS4; Banking Information System - BIS
What is the short-term strategy? Ensuring growth in economic crisis
What is the long-term strategy? Increasing the volume of business and strengthening the position of IT leader in the region
Wish to hold position or to grow aggressively Satisfactory growth
Merger/Acquisition/JV candidate We are interested if there is a good strategic partner
Collaboration sought in following fields ERP systems, business intelligence, core banking system, Business process management and optimizatio
Describe profile of desired partner company (System Integrator, Sales Service, etc.) Software development company interested in cooperation, mutual development and outsourcing. Company
Main needs (strategic, development...) The main need is for funds and projects, as well as participation in major international projects.


Major accounts Droga Kolinska (Grand Prom, Soko Stark, Palanacki kiseljak, Argeta…), SIMPO, YU Point (BPI, KLAS, Zi
Service strengths Extensive knowledge and experience, good support and continuous product development
Service weaknesses Poor internet infrastructure in region, poor professional quality of the users.
With what accounts are the best relationships With clients who have high-quality personnel both in the key business processes and IT.


Overall reputation in the business community MIS2Open is one of the best selling domestic ERP systems in the region. Partnership with the largest
Any legal troubles in the past No
Involved in social responsibility/charity projects Sponsorship of sports events, participation in humanitarian activities