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Bulevar Evrope 28, Novi Sad

+ 381 21 446 222

+ 381 21 444 154

core business: 60
other: 0

Established in 2003 | d.o.o.
Languages: Serbian, English

About the company

Intens is a software development company specialized in designing and developing bespoke solutions and applications.

Main Products and Services

We offer a wide range of IT services such as Software Analysis, Modeling and Design, Application Maintenance and development standalone, server and web Based applications.

Intens''s own development team has created software that covers flow of documents in a Bonded Warehouse, ticket sales & booking software, a web portal for online financial assessment and analysis, and online compilation of business plans, etc.

Development plans and foreign collaboration

Finding strategic partners for joint R&D, providing software development services and finding channel partners


USA, Canada, Serbia

Physical scale & performance

What geographic areas are served the best? USA, Canada
What geographic areas could be served adequately? EU


Target markets Current export markets are USA and Canada, and our intentions are to expand our business to the EU m
Any unique product/service Bilet - Event management and ticketing solution and Intensify - Next generation loyalty solution
What is the short-term strategy? Obtain new software outsourcing contracts and sales channels for product distribution
What is the long-term strategy? Withhold successful outsourcing cooperation and creating brand awareness for our new products and se
Wish to hold position or to grow aggressively Attentions are to grow aggressively
Collaboration sought in following fields Commercial agreement, research and development, participation in EU projects...
Describe profile of desired partner company (System Integrator, Sales Service, etc.) Well-organized software solutions vendor or a corporation with own software development department,
Main needs (strategic, development...) Finding channel partners, creating business connections and sales representatives


Major accounts Livingston International, Erste Bank, ProSoftXP, Peoplefluent, Harmony Information Systems, Imanet
Service strengths Product/Service quality, skilled workforce, experience, references
Service weaknesses Laws and regulations, Difficulties in receiving payments, Unstable market, Lack of connections world
With what accounts are the best relationships We retain great relationship with each one of our accounts


Overall reputation in the business community Intens is holding good reputation and presents one solvent and trustworthy company
Involved in social responsibility/charity projects Intens is member of UNICEF Friends Club