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ICT Net Cluster Conference

ICT Network invites you to the first ICT Net Cluster Conference to be held on 22nd November 2012 at Student Cultural Center in Belgrade.

This year`s topic is Technology and Entrepreneurship. We will present you leading-edge technological solutions and ideas, show you new management approaches and processes that will help develop your business and introduce dominant ICT trends in the region.

What is it about?

Innovation. Stay updated with trending news and topics from ICT. Learn about new technologies and leading-edge tools. Get acquainted with fresh and functional approaches to business. Make innovation an integral part of your business strategy.

Inspiration. Soak up practical tricks of the trade and pick up takeaways you can implement immediately. Let success stories of well-established entrepreneurs inspire you. Adopt and implement best practices of renowned companies.

Education. Theory meets practice. Leading experts from ICT industry share their expertise. Learn firsthand about different methods and tactics from international experience of ICT professionals. Improve your core competencies and add value to your business.

ICT Net Cluster Conference is the place to establish connections, exchange ideas, learn and grow.

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