ICT in Serbia – At a Glance 2018


This edition of our study would not be possible without the generous help from the Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism of the AP Vojvodina Government, helped by our long-term partner Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
We are thankful to these institutions for assisting us in bringing this edition to the World!

Download: ICT in Serbia – at a Glance 2018

  • Published by: Vojvodina ICT Cluster
  • In cooperation with: Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Toursim, German Organization for International Cooperation – GIZ
  • Supported by: Serbian IT Clusters, Serbian Cluster Association – SCANBalkan & Black Sea ICT Network
  • Authors: Milovan Matijević, Milan Šolaja
  • Design/Layout: Ivan Cosic & Snezana Vukmirovic, Plain&Hill www.plainandhill.rs
  • Contact info: milan.solaja@vojvodinaICTcluster.org, milovan@mineco.rs
  • ©Copyright notice: This publication is free and may be cited and copied freely, as long as clear reference to the source is made.

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Vojvodina ICT Cluster