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IBC 2016: RT-RK and TRC in a strategic partnership jointly on the Portugese Operators’ Market

RT-RK and TRC have announced a strategic partnership on a joint project of creating a comprehensive end-to-end test platform for automated testing of STB/CPE devices. Addressing the largest Portuguese operators, the two partners will supply STB and Gateway screening test platforms to be used in diagnostics processes of the service/repair centers.

The advanced RT-RK test environment for rapid screening and diagnostics ProScreen, accompanied by TRC’s CPE device testing (Gateway) which covers WiFi testing, creates a test environment for a full coverage of complex requirements in the service and repair centers. The platform can also be used in a production environment.

The automatic test environment will enable, not only simple and reliable diagnostics and service of STB/CPE devices in and out of warranty, but will also reduce engagement of human resources, increase the number of tested devices, and improve the reliability of the testing.


“We have partnered with TRC, one of the most promising SME companies held by two Portuguese companies with experience in the electronic assembly and testing sector, to expand into the Portuguese and Brazilian market, as well as parts of the African market,” said Vukota Pekovic, Head of Marketing and Sales at RT-RK.

“Our ProScreen platform for rapid STB testing and diagnostic, now expanded and enhanced by gateway and WiFi testing support, is a complete end-to-end solution for automated testing of versatile STB/CPE platforms, with web-based control and test management logistics. This is important to operators. In the diagnostic and service process, you need high efficiency and reliability, and as little manual work as possible.”

“In this joint venture with RT-RK, the company known for automated testing solutions, we see an opportunity to broaden our activities in electronic and telecommunication device testing segment,” commented Carlos Alves, cofounder of TRC. “Aligned with our keen interest to provide high-value add-on services, this partnership raises our potential to excel at automation, cater a broader customer base, in a sustained way and with high quality standards.”

Read rest of the article here, on RT-RK’s website.

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