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How to apply to KATANA accelerator: Do’s and Don’ts

Interested in pitching for KATANA? How do you leave a lasting impression? How do you make sure that your sticks, and that you inspire your audience in a 2-minute video pitch?


This is a real challenge, particularly because pitching can be highly stressful. In fact, according to most studies, this is people’s number one fear. Sound familiar?

To boost your chances of pitching successfully for the KATANA business accelerator, we’ve compiled this handy list of Do’s and Don’ts – read on and set your feet on the path to crafting the perfect KATANA video pitch.

Why a 2-minute video pitch?

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, the numbers are in and they confirm that video is even more powerful than the written word. According to Forrester Research, a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words!

Do sell your team

The number one cause of failure in early-stage companies is a failure to execute. Prove that you have an all-star team that is able to get the job done.

Don’t forget the founder chemistry

The chemistry between the team members triggers success, especially at the early stages. Set yourselves apart from your competitors by showing us the chemistry!

Do know your stuff

To get our KATANA pitch perfect, you should focus on the following:

  • Understanding of the dynamics of the value chain
  • Vision for the sector/industry
  • Vision for the sector/industry

Don’t let it sound rehearsed

Tailor your pitch to your audience, people want to feel special. Use simple language, tell a unique story. And don’t let enthusiasm flag.


Do make it simple

You need to pitch your story simply, clearly, and concisely. Don’t turn off people by clouding your message with business jargon and industry terms. Less is always more!

Do outline the 3 most important benefits of your idea/product/service

Make it easy for your audience to say yes. Connect. Get to know your audience, and find a way to relate your idea/product/service to their pain points.

Don’t just list features

Waste no time by plunging into too many technical details. It’s not about sharing what’s interesting to you, but what’s interesting from your audience’s perspective.

Do let your creative juices flow

Apart from clarity, passion, and conviction, you need a dash of creativity to create a unique pitch that stimulates response.

Your turn

Good luck with pitching your great vision for the future of agribusiness, and remember: the best is yet to come!

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