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Final Project’s Conference: CHECK-IT Day!

The CHECK-IT Day is a one-day, online Conference for professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to push the boundaries of growth innovation.

At this final conference, attendees will get in touch with the results of the Project.

  • When: December 22nd, 11 am GMT +1:00
  • Where: Virtual – Zoom
  • Languages: English and Serbian

The objective of the Project was to establish a Cooperation-Communication Centre for the “Checkpoint-IT Community” in cooperation of Szeged-Subotica-Novi Sad. The centre launched an innovation-technology platform for the Checkpoint IT to support high-level collaboration between different actors of the community (business people, students, career changers, mentors, researchers, investors, founders, etc.), adapt the solutions in a broader circle and react to market demands.

The community established aims to initiate cooperation and dialogue with regional Quadruple-helix actors, providing a complex portfolio of services, which, through project activities will lead to building capacities and competitiveness of the community, on both sides of the border.

Our line-up of speakers will share their first-hand knowledge and experience gained from activities in building capacities and cross-border competitiveness.

11:00 – 11:10 Opening Address – Milan Solaja, Vojvodina ICT Cluster
11:10 – 11:40 Gábor Fröhlich, Porta Novum Hungary
11:40 – 12:10 Jasna Komatovic i Smilja Krajinovic, Vojvodina ICT Cluster
12:10 – 12:40 Oliver Guganovic, IT Cluster Subotica
12:40 – 12:45 Closing Address – Milan Solaja

Join us in CHECK-IT Day; registrations are open on the following web location.

Good Neighbours creating a common future!

Vojvodina ICT Cluster
Single point of contact with the best ICT companies in Serbia.

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