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Execom: In Our Cloud You Can Always Tell the Weather!

As a software engineering partner for industry leading clients, it is our mission to provide a challenging environment for our employees. We often get questions like: “Can I work on something brand new with a great impact?”, or “I feel like I can contribute on a higher level. Are there more demanding tasks for my team?” It’s a tough one, even for rocket scientists.

However, there are certain perks which enable our crew to broaden their experience and enjoy the core engineering processes. In that manner, we’ve started to work in small R&D teams a couple of years ago, to explore new frontiers and enter new domains. Step by step, we’ve found ourselves in the Cloud. By that, we mean that we know how the Internet of Things works. Do we know everything there is to know? Definitely not, but our engineering minds have pretty good perceptions and achievements.

Now, we are ready to share our showpiece – Execom Weather, displaying temperatures all over Novi Sad. With originally manufactured sensors and powerful smart Internet of Things Cloud working with the data, we are able to show meaningful readings to you. It may sound simple, but only for those who have not tried getting on board.


Execom Weather is built as Ruby on Rails web application using Google maps to represent measurement points. In order to deal with the map, it is uses gmaps4rails gem which made the entire job much easier.

Where most weather applications only focus on the temperature, Execom Weather has implemented extra features like pressure and humidity, which are measured by originally manufactured WolkSensor device in different locations across Novi Sad, and sent to IoT cloud platform. The sensor device is not just yet another bunch of sensors packed in a box – it also has connectivity module sending data directly to the Cloud via wireless network using MQTT protocol. Moreover, web application has a register of all devices along with their positions and device identification number.


In order to get the latest measurements data, it uses Paho JavaScript library that connects to the platform’s MQTT broker using WebSockets under the hood. Web application also deals with the weather forecast data, where we used Open Weather API as a source.

This is just a small contribution from our engineers to the people of Novi Sad and the community. Naturally, it’s a start and there is a lot more to explore! We will continue to push the boundaries.

Think about it, it could be you adding value to a project like this!

This article originally published on Execom website under the Blog.

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