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Eipix: Behold our Brand New Novi Sad HQ!

Things have been rather hectic in the Eipix community this August – we moved! The Novi Sad branch of Eipix is now located at Partizanska 18. Moving a company always seems daunting, and indeed it was no simple task.

Yet, the Eipix family is growing larger by the day, and we have finally outgrown our old office. We needed to simplify our workflow, and provide our employees with the peace of mind and the elbow room they need to fully devote themselves to creating new titles of your favorite franchises.

The new Eipix headquarters is a spacious building of 3000 m2, redesigned by our art teams. It reflects the Eipix team spirit and provides a sanctuary for new ideas to grow and develop. A new space often necessitates team restructuring.

Turning a new leaf has worked wonders for many things, most notably team communication. Things can easily get out of hand in game development, where different teams have to work closely together. Re-establishing a chain of communication has been a priority, one which we can now happily cross off our list.

The benefits of our previous office were carried over and improved upon. We invest in the well-being of our employees’ comfort and health, so the new headquarters is equipped with facilities to keep everyone at their best, most relaxed, most productive self. The Eipix community can unwind in new entertainment zones, and try their table tennis and table soccer skills, enjoy arcade machines, gaming and music corners. Or they can simply spruce up their work environment in one of the many lounge areas. Our employees are encouraged to lead a healthy and comfortable life, with several fully-equipped kitchens and a large bicycle lot at their disposal.

Behold our brand new Novi Sad HQ – Eipix Entertainment

There are a few long-awaited additions to the company. An impressive timeline of major Eipix milestones now adorns our lobby. We have also compiled and created a Museum of Consoles. This permanent exhibition is sure to tickle any gamer’s fancy as it covers the brief but busy history of gaming, told in 20 consoles. It starts with a Philips’ Magnavox Odyssey², first released in 1978, and stretches into the dominion of modern PlayStation consoles. The exhibition also boasts a rare S.H.G. Black point FS-1003, and one of the earliest data storage units – the Commodore Datassette.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who helped make our move happen as smoothly as it did. The move has left the Eipix collective feeling freshly motivated to send more exciting adventure games your way.

Stay tuned for more Eipix news!

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