Cluster Academy

Vojvodina ICT Cluster has founded BRAINS Academy very early in its development. Providing education according to the needs of our members was a logical course of action.

Goals of the Cluster Academy are to raise competitiveness of companies by improving their employees’ capacities and increasing number of employable IT professionals.

Target groups for BRAINS are individuals who want to attain knowledge to enter IT industry at junior positions, and create solid basis for future advancement and learning. We give particular attention to vulnerable groups, such as unemployed youth and women.

VOICT partners with individuals, universities, high schools, other associations, NGOs, public bodies and non-members. BRAINS activities are always financed with the help of international donors, national and international sources of financing, in order to minimize costs for target groups. Average value of our courses is €2,000, while students never pay more than €100 participation fee.

In cooperation with educational institutions – primarily University of Novi Sad and its Faculty of Technical Sciences, we provide best available knowledge and expertise to our students.

BRAINS Academy delivers services in the following fields:

 Field  Service
IT Education Full-stack Junior IT courses in Java
Full-stack Junior IT courses in .NET
IT Career Guidance
On-the-job learning
Finding and keeping a job
Events & Analysis Support to events involving triple helix participants, with strong educational aspects
On-the-job training promotion
Labour market analysis
Standard Setting Development of educational standards
Think Tank Education sector development
Publications ICT in Serbia – At a Glance, bi-annual study

So far, BRAINS Academy conducted trainings for over 400 trainees in the On-the-job Training segment in the areas of Business Skills, Scrum, Software Testing, UX Design, and Project Management, as well as for more than 200 people who were trained through our unique re-qualification programs to enter IT labor market – with 25% of trainees landing a job in the IT sector. Our Little Academy provides courses for children, and over 150 kids graduated in Scratch and AppInventor programs.

Vojvodina ICT Cluster

Vojvodina ICT Cluster