Cluster Academy


Vojvodina ICT Cluster has founded Cluster Academy (CA) very early in its development. Providing education according to the needs of our members was a logical course of action.

Goals of the Cluster Academy are to raise competitiveness of companies by improving their employees’ capacities and increasing number of employable IT professionals.

Target groups for CA activities are primarily member companies, but also individuals, universities, high schools, other associations, NGOs, public bodies and non-members. Partners of VOICT in these activities are international donors, educational institutions – primarily University of Novi Sad and its Faculty of Technical Sciences, as well as other public and governmental institutions.

Cluster Academy has no aspirations to be competition on the market of training providers, since the focus is with the cluster member companies, and if services of the Academy are rendered to non-members – then commercial terms and conditions apply.

Vojvodina ICT Cluster Academy delivers services in the following fields:

 Field  Service
Seminars information exchange
Contemporary developments in ICT
Job orientation
Enhancement internship opportunities
Case studies
Visibility events (e.g. CEOs at the university)
Raising awareness about the possibilities of ICT use
Conferences Topics on Business-Education-Government
B2B Events
Standard Setting Development of VOICT (internal) standards
Think Tank Sector development
Publications ICT in Serbia – At a Glance 2011


Vojvodina ICT Cluster

Vojvodina ICT Cluster