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Bulgaria is welcome advanced technologies in fields of energy and cities

“Smart Cities” and “EE & RE” (energy efficiency & renewables) will be again a platform for product launches and knowledge exchange between local and European key players. The exhibitions and conference are organized by Via Expo from 5 to 7 April in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Exhibitors and speakers from 14 countries will take part. The solutions that will be promoted are environmental friendly and financially rewarding – they are becoming more accessible for the business and municipalities. The aim of the event is to address policy and overcoming investment challenges as well and to highlight the progress in the Region.



Smart Cities

The exhibitors will present software and building installations for homes, offices and industrial premises, smart meters and devices for energy storage. Visiting the event, the investors, architects and building engineers will learn more about the process of design and construction of passive houses. For the first time a virtual observatory for energy, environment and climate for municipalities will be promoted. Both companies from Italy and Germany will present fleet management tracking devices, wireless solutions for traffic and parking control.


Leading companies will display biogas and biomass processing plants, photovoltaic systems for building integration, devices for energy storage and energy saving HVAC equipment, industry cogeneration units, self-contained energy systems, thermal insulation panels, etc. An accent will be electric vehicles and charging stations. An interest of involved in bioenergy stakeholders will be attracted by the laboratory for research and testing of solid biofuels, compost and biodegradable waste.



Topics: Green Innovation Business Opportunities – Innovation Norway Panel – Why clustering? The Norwegian Policy on Innovative Business Clusters; Development of Clusters; National Policy Aspects in the Field of Information Technology for Innovative Smart Solutions; Smart Travelling, Urban Data Centers as Flexible Energy and Resource Hubs for Smart City Optimized Energy Efficiency; Passive Houses, etc.

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