What it is all about?


We are more than a simple sum of our members. We embrace our differences, as they make us who we are.


Success is a matter of choice. We do the right thing, even when nobody is looking.


Our vision is Digital Serbia! Our mission is to make it real.


We want to create environment where digital skills are many, and the path to success is open to all.


Here’s what we know for sure: information technologies present the best possible tool to make everyone’s life easier, and our country richer.


Only digitalized!

- Digitalized economy will enable global competitiveness

- Digitalized education will answer demands of the labor market

- Digitalized public administration will provide better services to citizens & businesses.


We know that our IT industry is the moving force of the socio-economic progress of our country, and our best shot in the global market. Amazing opportunities are available, if we give wings to our smartest people and help them to achieve global success – made in Serbia.


We feed off passion for excellence, creativity and dreams, we spread optimism, lead by example, and are here to make things better.


We believe that education is the best possible tool to change the world.


Join us, let’s make it together!