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EU net neutrality guidelines released

On Tuesday 30 August, the EU Telecommunications Regulator (BEREC) published its guidelines on how to implement the regulation on Net Neutrality of 2015. The European DIGITAL SME Alliance already welcomed this regulation for its commitment to the best-effort-principle. In spite of the principle, though, concerns were raised that several ambiguities in the regulation would...

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Eipix: Behold our Brand New Novi Sad HQ!

Things have been rather hectic in the Eipix community this August – we moved! The Novi Sad branch of Eipix is now located at Partizanska 18. Moving a company always seems daunting, and indeed it was no simple task. Yet, the Eipix family is growing larger by the day, and we have finally outgrown our old...

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H2020 Project: KATANA

H2020 Project: KATANA – EMERGING INDUSTRIES AS KEY ENABLERS FOR THE ADOPTION OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES IN THE AGRIFOOD SECTOR Coordinator: bwcon GmbH, Germany, 14 partners from 8 European countries.  Are you an individual/sole entrepreneur interested in applications of innovative technologies for agrifood domain? Or are you a start-up/SME operating across the vast...

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ABC Accelerator is opening a window into the future

With its fourth program Internet of Things and Internet of Everything ABC decided to enter one of the hottest markets of years to come! Soon our fridges will let us know by themselves what is missing on their shelves. Our cars will drive us around almost without our help. Sensors in smart gloves will take us a step closer...

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Next step towards better regional cooperation

Danube ICT Clusters’ sustainable cooperation for smart and inclusive growth – Regional Survey. According to the conclusions of the Strategic ICT Clusters’ Meeting for Danube ICT Clusters’ sustainable cooperation for smart and inclusive growth project which was held on February 18th and-19th 2016, in Belgrade, Regional Surveys have been implemented. The surveys has been...

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