RT-RK: Contract Extended for HBBTV 2.0.1 Test Suites

The HbbTV Association has extended its contract with RT-RK for 104 additional test cases to cover the differences between HbbTV 2.0 and HbbTV 2.0.1. This is a further extension of the original contracts placed in July 2015 for 468 tests and February 2016 for a further 155 tests. These supplementary cases focus on testing features...

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EU project ASCENT

ASCENT is an EU-funded project that gives researchers fully funded access to Europe’s state-of-the-art nanoelectronics infrastructure in imec (Belgium), CEA-Leti (France) and Tyndall National Institute (Ireland)   Enquiries All enquiries are taken through website: Benefits ASCENT is delivering fast...

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Typhoon HIL: Flight Simulator for Power Electronics and Power Systems

Today’s aspiring electrical engineers are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn power electronics, and power systems, hands on, using some of the most advanced “flight simulators” for power. These ultra-high fidelity real-time simulators, with nanosecond resolution and microsecond integration time steps, emulate smart inverters, distributed energy resources...

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Typhoon HIL: Simplify Microgrid Control Design, Testing, and Commissioning

Micro grids have been around for as long as the electric generator. Indeed, before we built a highly centralized grid, electricity was generated, distributed, and used in small micro grids. And interestingly enough, these very first micro grids were DC micro grids.  They were built by Thomas Edison in New York City, prior to Tesla’s introduction...

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